Holistic Dentistry – Are you missing out?

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The Top 5 Benefits of Holistic Dentistry

In a world of increasing health risk, thousands of people worldwide are seeking a more natural or holistic alternative. When it comes to their food, household products and healthcare, we have begun to see a shift towards full-body care that focuses on the holistic side of life. Not just what cures and keeps us healthy on the outside, but what focuses the mind and protects your mental health. Keep reading to find out what it means to take a holistic approach to dentistry and why choosing a holistic dentist will not just improve your teeth but your mind, body and soul, whilst helping you to achieve that beautiful, healthy smile you deserve.

1. Infection Free Zone!

A holistic approach to integrative dentistry sees the mouth as an integrated part of the body and considers oral health problems related to total body health. After all, to heal the mouth, you must first heal the vessel. The mouth does not exist in a vacuum. Getting holes in your teeth (also known as cavities) is not normal. The mouth is a micro-environment that mimics the health of your total body. For example, plaque and tartar build-up on your teeth can indicate and increase your risk for plaque and tartar build-up in your arteries. Also, the same bacteria associated with gum disease can be found in the hearts of patients with heart disease, in the brains of patients with Alzheimer’s, and cancer cells of patients with pancreatic cancer. A holistic dentist will focus on balancing the bacteria in their patient’s mouth, not only to improve their teeth and gums but, most importantly, their overall health.

2. No More Toxin!

Most dentists simply scrape and polish, focusing on the external issues of teeth; however, holistic dentistry goes much deeper than just cleaning and making peoples teeth look nice. Each patient’s entire well-being is considered, from diet to mental health to how active you are! The job of a Holistic dentist is to tailor the experience to you, focus on your needs and deliver a dedicated plan to improve your overall well-being. As part of holistic philosophy, holistic dentists provide safe mercury amalgam removal techniques (SMART) and use bio-compatible materials to restore your bite and smile. In addition, the Minamata Convention Treaty, designed to protect human health and the environment, now has 28 countries that have pledged to phase out the use of dental amalgams and ban the use of dental amalgams in women, nursing and pregnant women, and children.

3. Sensible Fluoride!

Too much fluoride can lead to dental and skeletal fluorosis, damaging bones and joints. However, we know that fluoride is good for teeth and significantly protects and strengthens teeth. Holistic dentists don’t advocate the indiscriminate use of fluoride. Instead, they opt for products and treatments to make their patient’s teeth stronger using safe amounts or other alternatives.

4. Innovative Technology!

Choosing a holistic dentist does not mean sacrificing high tech treatments. Quite the opposite! Holistic dentistry focuses on modern, minimally-invasive technologies and treatments. State-of-the-art options include (which may or may not be available at your dentist):

5. A Peaceful Nights Sleep!

A holistic dentist is well versed in the problems of the body, not just the teeth; for example, your dentist can measure the many signs of snoring during a routine check-up. They will check for symptoms such as sleep apnoea, sleep-disordered breathing and most commonly, snoring!

The effects of sleep loss can be many, including weight gain, memory loss, high blood pressure, stroke, heart attacks, impaired alertness and sudden death. However, a holistically oriented sleep-trained dentist can manufacture a comfortable and cost-effective mouthpiece to clear the airway and allow proper breathing throughout the night.


Holistic Dentistry is a great way to treat your mouth as part of your whole body, and has great benefits especially for those who are experiencing multi-faceted issues.

This videos gives a brief overview of holistic dentistry – courtesy of Nuffield Dental

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