Hypnosis in Dentistry

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There are a considerable number of people who are anxious about coming to the dentist. Believe me, in my time, I have seen so many of them.

“I hate dentists!” is a term I have heard so many times, and usually the first sentence that some nervous patients say, to be followed, “nothing personal.”

“I would rather give birth than be at the dentist!” is also a regular thing I get told.

Coming to a dentist, and expecting pain with all different sorts of procedures is truly unnerving. And if that is coupled with “inherited anxiety”, then it becomes much worse.

What is “Inherited Anxiety”?

I am not sure such a term exists, but in a nutshell, I would describe it anxiety that a person gets from seeing others (usually one or both parents) in their family who are extremely anxious about dentists.

When a member of a family is extremely anxious, and they are vocal about their feelings to others in their family; then that anxiety could easily be passed on.

As humans, part of how we form opinions about others or things or procedures is based on what we are told.

If someone told you that so-and-so is an evil, wicked man who is an ex-convict having done time for murder; then it is quite likely that you would fear this person, even though you have had no interaction with him; and without even knowing if what is being said is true or false.

It is thus, quite important for dentally nervous patients to avoid talking about their anxieties to their children; as it is quite likely that the child will “inherit” this anxiety, before even coming to the dental office.

Overcoming Anxiety

Despite there being many things and procedures at the dentist which can cause anxiety, millions of people still come to the dental surgery and have regular and emergency treatments. This is because anxiety is strongly related to a person’s mind and how they perceive the unknown or the upcoming. This perception may be real, like based on past “bad” experiences, or it might be imagined based on what a person has read or heard about.

Whatever the reason may be, it needs an individual to overcome their anxiety; because visiting a dentist is an important part of every person’s oral health, and in many cases overall health.

Hypnosis in Dentistry

Firstly, it is important to erase all what you think hypnosis is from watching “stage hypnosis” which many a time is fake. You have to understand hypnosis is a different light.

Watch this short video which tells you a little more about it.

Next Steps

To use hypnosis to overcome your dental anxiety, or indeed any other anxiety, you can follow one of two methods:

1) Self Hypnosis: where you take charge of changing your perceptions and alleviating your fears

2) Seek expert help: where you can ask an expert to work with you to deal with your fears.

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