The Electric Toothbrush

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The Electric Toothbrush Why you should opt for an Electric Toothbrush Brushing your teeth is something that you do (hopefully) at least twice a day, so you should make the experience as good as possible. Electric toothbrushes are now very common, and there are many benefits to them. Often, an electric toothbrush is much better …

Healthy Mouthrinses – Cinnamon Mouthwash

Cinnamon Sticks
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Mouthwashes are a great adjunct to your oral health, as mouthwashes serve many purposes. Read my article on Are Mouthwashes healthy? To understand some functions of mouthwashes. As mouthwashes are liquids, they have the potential to reach a larger percentage of your mouth, then a toothbrush or a tongue brush which are area specific. In addition, …

Are Mouthwashes healthy?

30/05/2020 12 Comments

Are Mouthwashes healthy? What does a dentist say? The biggest enemy of a healthy mouth is dental plaque. Dental plaque builds up on the teeth very quickly. Plaque is made of bacterial colonies on your teeth mixed with food debris. The dental plaque is part of a bigger problem that faces your mouth and teeth: …

Dental Floss vs Dental Tape? What works best?

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Interdental Cleaning Cleaning in between your teeth is an important factor in the overall dental hygiene and it is part of the bare essentials of oral hygiene. It is critical that interdental cleaning is part of your daily dental health habits. When I ask my patients about their interdental cleaning habits, most of the time …

Oral Hygiene – The Bare Necessities

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This article discusses the necessities to consider when looking after your teeth and maintaining good Oral Hygiene. What are the necessary aids that you need to get good results. Toothbrush The most essential aid in your oral hygiene aids is the toothbrush. A good toothbrush is key. Here some people will naturally ask “Should I …