Autism Dental Care: What is needed..

03/07/2022 6 Comments

What is Autism Dental Care? Autism Dental Care is about how to care for the teeth of your autistic relative or ward. Those who live with autism have many and differing challenges to their lives. Autism is one of those medical conditions – which up to now – we don’t know what causes it, and …

Water Flosser – Oral Irrigator: Flushing out the gaps

Hangsun Water Flosser
28/04/2022 3 Comments

What is a water flosser? A water flosser is an electric device, which pushes a stream of water at a pressure from a small nozzle. It is a handheld device which usually looks like an electric toothbrush, whilst others are of a smaller size. As can be told from the name, it is utilising water …

Chewing Gum: Friend or Foe?

14/07/2021 3 Comments

Gum has been used by humans for centuries – originally as sap from tree. These days, however, most chewing gums are made from synthetic rubber. So, is chewing gum good or bad for you? First let’s look at what chewing gum is. What is Chewing Gum? We can all describe the textures of gum, but …